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Meet Terry

I was twelve years-old when I started my first job. Ever since then, I’ve understood the value of a hard earned paycheck. After working my way through college, I became a local radio news reporter and government watch dog. Now, I work in the trucking business for Schneider. As a father of three, I want what is best for my kids and yours. That means great schools, opportunities, clean air and water, and better mental healthcare. My experiences have led me to run for State Assembly because I believe in people and community driven change. I’m listening and ready to work for you.

Wisconsin needs to stand up for workers and attract family supporting jobs and wages. Raise the minimum wage, reinstate the prevailing wage law and Wisconsin's Equal Pay law for women, repeal "Right to Work".

I want healthcare  system where we can see our doctor and never have to worry about a bill, premiums, deductibles or co-pays. Comprehensive coverage under a Medicare-For-All system where everyone is in, nobody out.  

After years of cuts to public education, we need to make a bold statement and prioritize education in Wisconsin. Fully fund public schools, end school vouchers, and take care of teachers. Kids are the future.

Childcare is expensive. The state needs to increase funding for early childhood development programs and the Wisconsin Shares program along with providing $1,000 tax credit to ensure quality childcare is affordable for families.

Too many people and families are suffering from mental illness. We need to increase resources for community based treatment centers, support more programs in schools, and expand educational programs.